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General & Athletic Activities

Canoe TripAmateur Prospecting

The idea of striking the mother lode may seem a little unlikely, but you never know. For information on claim staking check this Manitoba government web site.


Snow Lake is a paradise for all terrain riders, but does not have established routes.


Snow Lake has two baseball diamonds, one located near the golf course, and the other more commonly used diamond near the public beach. Scrub games and little league games are always a part of summer in Snow Lake.


The Wekusko Falls Provincial Park is located ten minutes south of the Snow Lake town site on the historic Grass River between Tramping Lake and Wekusko Lake. The Park is accessible from Provincial Road #392. It boasts two suspension bridges over the Falls, several kilometers of hiking and jogging paths, 88 camper sites, 40 electrical sites, and 25 tenting sites.



Northern Manitoba is wonderful canoeing country, and Snow Lake is perfect with its calm waters and magnificent scenery. The Grass River route offers canoeists the chance to paddle the same historic route that Samuel Hearne and other early fur traders traversed. In fact, there is archaeological evidence the aboriginal Canadians have been utilizing this particular route for over 5,000 years.

The Grass River has clearly marked portage routes, camping and rest sites, and extremely beautiful scenery. Many Europeans travel to northern Manitoba specifically to experience the Grass River route. More about Grass River Canoe Route here

Cross Country Skiing

Snow Lake has many kilometers of cleared, groomed and maintained cross country ski and snow shoe trails through the beautiful boreal forest.


The Snow Lake Curling Club has five artificial ice sheets and is a very active place over the winter. Numerous bonspiels, and ladies’, men’s and junior teams play and practice in this modern facility located adjacent to the commercial area.


The pristine waters of Snow Lake and the numerous surrounding lakes offer the angler the opportunity to catch Walleye (Pickerel), Northern Pike (Jack), Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout and numerous other miscellaneous species.

There are six major road accessible master angler lakes in the Snow Lake area including Snow Lake, Wekusko Lake, Herblett Lake, Korman’s Lake, Tramping Lake, and Osborne Lake, as well as the Grass River. Nine more major lakes are accessible by trails including Niblock Lake, Vikers Lake, Loonhead Lake, Corley Lake, Morton Lake, File Lake, Dolomite Lake, Buzz Lake and Dyce Lake. In addition, six more major lakes are accessible via winter roads which include such lakes as Squall Lake, McLeod Lake, Cook Lake, Ham Lake, Woosey Lake and Morgan Lake. There is also a huge number of smaller lakes, some of which may not have been named yet, which one may fish.
A license is required in order to fish on any of the above waters. Check your conservation license to find out how many and types of fish you are entitled to possess at any one time. It is important to note that High Quality Management lakes exist in the Snow Lake area and that the Angling Guide available from any Conservation office should be consulted regarding all fishing regulations on any waters in the area. 2016 MB Angler's Guide

Check the Anglers Guide to see when the season is officially closed during spawning to permit the fish to replenish their numbers. It is important to note that all fishing in Manitoba is now "barbless”. For complete information consult the Anglers Guide or call (800) 214-6497.

Please check with the local Conservation office, 506 Lakeshore Drive, Snow Lake, at (204) 358-2521 to ensure you have the most recent information.


There are two tourism geocache sites in town (no actual cache, just a plate to take a rubbing to add to Travel Manitoba's geocache booklet available through Travel Manitoba). There is also a cache site at Wekusko Falls Provincial Park.


This challenging and scenic nine hole course is set in the rugged Canadian Shield, and is open to the public from May through October. The course is very scenic and well maintained. The rocky outcroppings are beautiful, and may add a few strokes to one’s game. Snow Lake has several golf tournaments for men, women and youth throughout the summer. See picture gallery for photos of golf course.

Hiking Trails

In the Town of Snow Lake, it is easy to find places to hike. You may choose to hike the many trails here in town or more challenging trails in Wekusko Falls Provincial Park.
A good place to hike is at Herb Landing. There are a lot of trails, and there are also rocks to climb if you feel really energetic. The scenery is very beautiful and peaceful.


There are minor hockey leagues for youngsters and an old timers team for those who enjoy a good recreational non-contact sport.


Wildlife abounds in the boreal forest. You can hunt alone, or with a guide. Check out the outfitters and lodges listed in the business directory. 2015/16 Manitoba Hunter's Guide

Indoor & Outdoor Rifle Ranges

Test your skill with skeet, trap shooting, pistol, small and large bore rifle, and archery at these excellent ranges. 50 yard and 100 yard ranges; indoor has small bore, handgun and archery ranges.


Enjoy this challenging competition on a great outdoor course.


Snow Lake boasts beautiful Sunset Bay beach located in the southern part of the townsite on Snow Lake. The beach has tennis courts, a sheltered pavilion, long dock, washrooms, change rooms, swing sets, slides, and is the location for the annual Canada Day festival.
Rock Climbing

One of the fastest growing sports is rock climbing. Snow Lake can offer even the seasoned veteran a challenging climb over some very beautiful granite (Precambrian) rocks. Some of the best climbing rocks can be accessed along PR #393 near the airport site. In addition, more climbs can be made just north of Wekusko Falls on PR #392, on the road near Herb Lake Landing, or anywhere one would care to explore.


There are miles and miles of open trails for the avid snowmobiler. One could travel from Snow Lake to Thompson, Flin Flon, The Pas, or even Winnipeg if so inclined. There are also designated snowmobile trails within the town site. These routes are clearly marked on a map that is available at the Town office.

Tennis Court

Snow Lake has two tennis courts, located near the public beach, which are paved and well maintained.